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Sep 25, 2019

Kiley May gives us an intimate glimpse into the challenge and joy of the process of her transition.

Kiley May is a Hotinonshón:ni Mohawk actor, writer and public speaker from Six Nations reserve and is now settled in Toronto. She has a recurring role on the hit CBC show Coroner and appears in IT Chapter Two (Warner...

Sep 18, 2019

Stefan Pilla talks to us about Steroid and Testosterone use - Some of the reasons will shock you, 

 Please check out Stefans site at for more information


Sep 11, 2019

Bj Barone will be on the show to talk about his personal journey he's had with his Partner Frankie and their 5 y/o Milo.  You can find Bj on IG: @bjbarone.   This is really spectacular episode on Surrogacy and the things we only thought we knew. For anyone interested in surrogacy, please check this link out:...